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The newest innovation in HunterDouglas’s line is called Platinum Technology 2.0. This is a radio frequency technology that allows multiple shades to be controlled on the same channel, meaning you could raise 2 blinds in your kids bedrooms on channel one, your master bathroom on channel two, and 3 blinds in your master bedroom on channel three. All while lying in bed watching the morning news.

Platinum Technology is a very effective system; It is powered either by 8 or 12 AA batteries connected underneath the shade or with a dc adapter that plugs directly into your outlet if you have one near the window. It’s operated via remote control with 2 AAA batteries, or if you are like me and tend to lose remotes a lot, there is a wireless wall switch (no wiring just battery powered) available that carries the same technology as a remote control and looks like a wall switch mounted next to your light switch or wherever you may choose.

Besides the fact that this technology is reliable, easy to use, and can be used on almost any HunterDouglas products available such as the HunterDouglas Silhouette and the new HunterDouglas Pirouette, it’s also very affordable. In my opinion comparing it to hardwired systems (hardwired is a topic for another day) these produce the best value for your money. Motorization should not be overlooked as a control option; the days when only the rich and famous could afford are long over. It is becoming more and more mainstream, both with the younger generations that are up on the latest and greatest technology and with the older generations that have difficulty opening and closing the window coverings.

Sun Sensor- This unit detects the amount of solar energy entering a room and sends a wireless signal to the shade telling it to raise or lower. It has both a summer and winter mode.

RF adapter- This neat little product is designed to be plugged directly into your existing lamp outlet (that switch in your house that does nothing, is probably connected to your lamp outlet) when the switch is off it senses the lack of power and closes the shade, when the switch is on it sends a signal to the shade to raise it.  Confused yet? Come in for a demonstration.

LCD Timer – This device can raise and lower and tilt your blinds at times of your choice.

It’s a great little battery powered attachment that is useful for maximum solar control and for security acting like someone is home all the time.