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Understanding the art of human perception.

Human beings are instinctive creatures who tend to observe their surroundings in great detail without even knowing it. From our subconscious observations, we will use that information to understand our surroundings, decide our behaviour, make judgements on the environment we are experiencing and make informed decisions about how to proceed with an action.

One important fact that we experience as instinctive human being’s when we walk into every home, is to look at 2 different places once we have entered a premises. As I am sure we could find endless reasons for doing so, there are two simple answers for why we would be attracted to these areas. The first would be the floor; we look at the floor to see where you are going.  The second area we direct our attention towards is the windows; we are naturally attracted and drawn towards light. You may not notice it, but you do it and this is what generally affects someones first impression or judgment of a home.

Thus brings us to our point that new window coverings – and perhaps new floors to compliment the windows – are an essential piece of decor for your home, when trying to create a desired atmosphere or specific feeling for someone entering into a room.

How do you know you are ready for an upgrade?

Perhaps you have already noticed that your blinds, shutters or drapery’s are outdated after you noticed a friend or neighbour has recently purchased their new window coverings. But, in the event that you believe 10+ year old coverings is still fashionable decor, take a trip to the nearest model home centre in a new community and see if pink, green or blue blinds are still in style.

If your venetian blinds are crooked, dusty or broken, and your draperies have been hanging around for 10+ years, chances are your friends, family and neighbours have already noticed the outdated look and appeal of your home. Just like your carpet and furniture, window coverings do become outdated with time, use and can also carry lots of dust or airborne bacteria that accumulated over the years. It is no surprise that window coverings are often overlooked, but it is also a nice way to refresh the look and feel of your space when new furniture and flooring’s are not in the budget.

How can you stay current for longer?

The Answer: Neutral colours.  White, Off-White and sometimes beige do not date themselves like the Pinks, Greens, Blues and Browns from the 80s and 90s. Even in our showroom we still have a couple blinds that are 10+ years old and we keep them on display because they still look new.

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