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Temporary shades for new home privacy

Temporary shades are designed (as the name implies), to temporarily cover your windows until your custom made shades are ready to be installed. Although they may only be up for a short while, it’s important to install temporary shades in areas that you would like absolutely privacy. Areas include the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas that would otherwise be open to view from neighbours.

Installation is simple; measure your opening across the window and cut the temporary shades to size with a good pair of scissors or shears. Once you have cut to the desired size, peal the tape back and stick to your window at the top. Your will want to try and stick the tape to the vinyl part of your window if possible, as this makes it easier to remove the shade when you are ready to install your new shutters, blinds etc. As these are temporary shades, they do not include a system to raise and lower the shades, therefore if you would like to raise the shade, simply follow the fold in the shades pleat and clip the clips on at your desired height. 2 clips are included with each shade.

Temporary shades come in either light filtering or room darkening styles. In the event that you have a wide window that is beyond the size of the temporary shades, it is possible to overlap them and cut to size again. They can also be overlapped length wise to cover longer windows.

In the event that you would like to cover arches, this is also possible with temporary shades. In order to do so, you must cut the shade to the desired size and then spread it out like a fan. Cutting can be tricky with arches however, if you measure carefully and try to fit the temporary screen before you cut, it will save you from making a cutting mistake.