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Sunshade 911 FAQ’s

[acc_item title=”Is your shop at home service available under your 9-1-1 program?”]Unfortunately no, our shop at home service is not available using the SUNSHADE 9-1-1 discount program; this is why we need you to bring pictures and your measurements to our showroom. Our shop at home is available for other products you may be interested but there may be a reimbursable charge depending on where you are located.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”I’m unsure of my measurements do they have to be really accurate?”]If you are planning on having us install the shutters for you then no, at a minimum we will need the width and height to within the nearest inch in order to provide an accurate price. If you are a DIY installer then obviously yes, accurate measurements will be required to at least 1/8’’ inch[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Do I have to book an appointment with Kevin or can I drop by at speak to anyone at the store?”]
You are more than welcome to come by anytime during normal business hours and have a look around our showroom; however Kevin is the only employee authorized offer the 9-1-1 Discount.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”If I e-mail/phone you my measurements can you provide a price to me so I/we don’t have to drive in?”]
Due to the nature of the discount program we are taking an ethical stance and not providing any phone or e-mail quotations. All prices will be provided in person upon proof of service. That being said, do not feel obligated to purchase or make a snap decision on the spot, we will not pressure you.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”How much extra is installation or check measure?”]
Check Measure is a standard $75
Installation is approx. 6% of your order. With a Minimum charge of $75
If you choose our installation services be advised that Check Measure is mandatory. Also condo fees, tall ladder fees, and other surcharges may apply for difficult installations.[/acc_item]


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