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How do I clean my window coverings?

Every product varies. Most products can take a light vacuum with a drapery/upholstery attachment. Some products, like the HunterDouglas Duette Honeycomb, can be submerged in a water and washed, as long as the headrail is not exposed to water. A swifter feather duster works well on woods and venetians. On HunterDouglas Silhouette and Sheer type products, a can of compressed air works well to “shoot” insects out of the vanes.

We strongly recommend referring to your product instructions for specific cleaning instructions.

We also recommend having your HunterDouglas products professionally cleaned every 7-10 years.

How long does it take to have my window coverings installed?

All of our products are custom made, therefore it is difficult to give an exact date of installation at the time of order. In most cases it will be between 2-4 weeks.

Can I install myself?

If you feel confident in installing, then we welcome you to DIY!

Most products come with installation instructions, however this is not to be taken lightly. We measure to 1/8’’ and in some cases to 1/16’’. Our sales staff and installers are experienced and know there are variances in the products as well as un-square windows where deductions have to be made.

Whats so different with wood shutters and vinyl shutters, and why are the prices so far apart?

A lot of wood/vinyl products are on the market that don’t meet the demands of today’s consumers. The old saying “you-get-what-you-pay-for” holds true in the shutter market. Wood shutters made from low quality/import wood will not stand the test of time and day-to-day use. Vinyl is the same, low quality vinyl is thin and not as durable, especially if you have kids and pets.

Sunshade Blinds & Drapery will make sure you understand the difference as we carry all different brands of shutters.

What is the difference between privacy shades and black out shades?

Privacy fabric will allow light to penetrate but will not have a see-through ability.

Black-out fabric will not allow light to penetrate the fabric. Black-out fabrics are generally used in bedrooms/TV rooms, however, light will still penetrate the sides of the shade. If there are louvres or vanes in the blind, light will also seep through. In most cases, this is an acceptable tolerance of light. Shift workers/AV rooms want a black-out fabric with no slats and side channels/bottom channels. This will eliminate all light and is very popular in commercial applications and with Firefighters, EMS, Police, Nurses, etc…

Can my existing blinds be motorized?

In some cases, your existing shades can be retrofitted to a motorized system.

Can my motorized blinds be integrated into my home automation interface?

In most cases, yes. Have your Home Automation Company contact us and we can work out the details.