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Saving you money and conserving energy

One of the most overlooked aspects of energy efficiency is the big gaping hole that exposes between 10-15% of your entire your home… your windows.  The most energy efficient windows in the world still cannot compete with the insulation value of your walls and roof; therefore we should all make a conscious effort to give those windows a boost.

Window Coverings greatly improve the insulation value of your windows. Here is a non-technical fact:  Closing your Window Coverings when it is Hot/Cold or when the room is not in use will without question cut down your utility bills. The question you need to ask yourself is: are your blinds doing enough? If you are looking at your window coverings and they are dusty metal Venetians or broken plastic Verticals the simple answer is No.  Any window covering is better then nothing, but there are some that supersede them all.

The most popular insulative shades are the Honeycomb type. The most effective honeycomb shade is made by HunterDouglas and called the Duette Architella . Without going into too much detail (Google Duette Architella and you’ll find a plethora of information) basically the blind has a honeycomb inside its honeycomb creating four layers of trapped air that acts as an insulation barrier essentially doubling (or tripling depending on your window) the insulative value of your window.