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Welcome to Sunshade Awnings

After 30 years of installing our products in your interior windows, and after 7 years of installing exterior products we launched Sunshade Awnings at the beginning of 2011 to specialize in the growing demand for exterior shading products. Specifically, retractable and motorized awnings, screen shades, rolling shutters and other products designed for the Eco-conscious consumer, striving for increased sustainability.

We have decided to take the lead in the industry and focus more of our efforts to educate YOU the consumer on products designed not only to enhance your lifestyle but also to increase awareness on the benefits these products have on the environment and your wallet.

Retractable Awnings

Maximize your outdoor living enjoyment by installing a retractable awning for your home or business. All of our awnings provide added beauty to your home or business, offer maximum protection from the sun and greatly reduce your energy cost.

Our awnings are available in manual crank operation or by a simple remote control. Motorized awnings are  very popular for both home and business. A motorized upgrade allows you to quickly extend or retract your awning with minimal effort.  See for yourself at our showrooms. Take a look below at the options and features available on each model. Don’t forget to check out all the latest promotions, on out specials page.

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Exterior Shade

Excellent options for pergolas, patios, decks, outside any building or any special outdoor project you need to complete. The exterior blind is available from a simple cord operation, to awning grade manual crank ups and optional motorized upgrades. These shades will blend in gracefully with any exterior home or business. Outdoor shades effectively filter the suns light, creating a cool and relaxing environment. Solar heat gain is greatly reduced by limiting the amount of direct and indirect sunlight that enters a window or door.

Security Shutters

Pentagon Security Shutters

For the added protection and ease of operation, security shutters have found use in a variety of uses. The strong insulated aluminum slats blends well with any décor, and as an added bonus helps keeps out solar heat and winter cold. These shutters can be manual or motorized with a variety of locking features. They are the perfect product for gazebos, decks, doors, windows, kiosks, arenas, patio doors, etc.

PDF Brochure for Commercial Applications
PDF Brochure for Residential Applications


Phantom® Screens

“Retractable Screens for doors, windows, and large openings”

Sunshade is an Authorized Phantom Screen dealer. Drop by our show room to try out our latest display.

Single Door from $429.00* INSTALLED!

Double Door from $850.00* INSTALLED!

Upgrade to the NEW Legacy Retractable door screen with an integrated latch and release handle for only $20.00 more.

Stand Alone Awnings

Not every patio has an abundance of trees to provide the required shade. Whether next to your favourite bench, the sandpit or the kids’ paddling pool, you do not always have the sun and UV protection you need.

The free-standing double awnings of STOBAG were developed specifically for this purpose. They are not trying to compete with umbrellas, for while Umbrellas provide shade at selected points, free-standing awnings offer flexible and mobile shade for incomparably large areas up to 40 m².

Furthermore, as most umbrella`s are supported in the middle of the shade, they can only provide shade when moved away from where the shade is needed.

Fabric Replacement

Refresh your existing retractable patio awning by updating the fabric. An easy Do It Yourself project for you to tackle with some family and friends. Alternatively have us install it for you if you: our rate is $2.50 / Sq Foot ( or a min $350.00 whichever is greater)

How to measure:

  1. Fully extend your awning.
  2. Stand at the front bar of the awning
  3. Measure the width of the fabric exactly
  4. Measure the projection of the awning to as far as the tape measure goes( we will add on 1′ for the roller tube)

eg. Measurements of 15′ x 10′ will come 15′ x 11′ to allow the extra fabric to wrap around the roller tube.

Don’t measure the valance it will be sent to you standard straight 8”  with an option for scalloped if requeste

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Patio Canopies

Patio canopies are versatile shading systems that retract manually or with motorized operation and feature a host of fabric choices that match your home decor to create a comfortable outdoor space. These unique structures can be installed free standing or mounted to a home, pool house or other outdoor structure.

Ideal to cover verandas or exposed patios, retractable canopies can provide shade and provide the atmosphere you need for entertaining without building an entire new outdoor structure.

This is an excellent option for docks, restaurants, and any open patio space that an umbrella is simply either not sufficient in size or just not practical.


All of our Retractable Awnings, Exterior Shades, Security Shutters, and most Patio Canopies can be motorized

Put simply there are two types of automation:

Type 1 – Wireless

For the vast majority of our customers we use simple wireless technology.  Any outdoor outlet will do, no electrician is required!  One wireless remote control or battery operated wireless wall switch is all you need to operate your shade. Wireless technology is becoming very cost effective and can be fitted with sun and wind sensors to extend and retract the awning automatically.

Type 2) Hardwired

For the odd situation where the shading system requires hardwire hookup, Sunshade can provide everything required to operate the shade. However a qualified electrician will have to be present to hookup the power.

Sunshade Awnings recommends adding a motor whenever possible, especially when operating  medium to large awnings. People sometimes have difficulty operating an awning due to size, weight and tension of the awning arms. Adding a motor will take the difficulty away. All of our motors come with an industry standard 5 year warranty. They are simple to use, convenient and affordable upgrades to any shading system.

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  • How do I wash my awning?

    It is always a good idea to clean your fabrics every couple of years. A very soft car brush with a small amount of dish detergent will do the trick. Be sure to rinse off the fabric so that there is no soapy residue, let the awning dry thoroughly before retracting away. Washing your fabrics and ensuring its dry before retracting away prevents mold buildup during the off season.

  • Can wind damage my awning?

    Do not leave the awning unattended. During excessive wind conditions. Believe it or not we can tell if an awning/drop shade was damaged by wind. Sunshade will not be responsible for weather related damages that could easily be prevented.

  • How do I maintain my awning?

    With any exterior product that has moving parts. Sunshade recommends silicone lube spray. Use on moving parts and not near the motor or fabric. Be careful when spraying that you place something down on your patio or deck because the spray might stain.