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Awnings Motorization

Automation Explained

All of our Retractable Awnings, Exterior Shades, Security Shutters, and most Patio Canopies can be motorized

Put simply there are two types of automation:

Type 1 – Wireless

For the vast majority of our customers we use simple wireless technology.  Any outdoor outlet will do, no electrician is required!  One wireless remote control or battery operated wireless wall switch is all you need to operate your shade. Wireless technology is becoming very cost effective and can be fitted with sun and wind sensors to extend and retract the awning automatically.

Type 2) Hardwired

For the odd situation where the shading system requires hardwire hookup, Sunshade can provide everything required to operate the shade. However a qualified electrician will have to be present to hookup the power.

Sunshade Awnings recommends adding a motor whenever possible, especially when operating  medium to large awnings. People sometimes have difficulty operating an awning due to size, weight and tension of the awning arms. Adding a motor will take the difficulty away. All of our motors come with an industry standard 5 year warranty. They are simple to use, convenient and affordable upgrades to any shading system.

Manual Override Motor Systems

Our Recommended package! This is a premium motor package that includes the motor complete with manual override. Sun Stopper AwningsTM are designed to offer sun protection which will enhance the enjoyment of outdoor spaces. They are not intended to be used as storm protection devices.

Radio Remote Control Motor Systems

Somfy Altus RTS series is the basic radio remote control motor. A manual override version RTS CMO is also available. These motors can be activated with a remote control hand unit or with a radio sender wall switch that mounts inside the house like a regular switch but uses radio waves to activate the awnings eliminating the need for additional wiring. Controllers are available to operate more than 1 awning from a single controller.

Sun/Wind Control Options

This system incorporates both a sun sensor which will open your awning when the sun shines to protect your interior furnishings and block the heat from the sun, and a wind sensor that will automatically retract your awning in the event of high winds.