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Here are some helpful tips for preparing your home for installation of your brand new blinds, shutters or shades in order to ensure they get done properly and look perfect!

You just got the call that your blinds are in and are ready to be installed. You have set a date and marked your calendar. Now what?

Step 1. Are you living in a condo or apartment? If so, call and book your elevator as soon as you have the time to do so. Our installers are usually in pretty good shape however for safety and efficiency, they do not like hauling 10ft boxes with bags full of tools up 20 story staircases very often. Kindly make sure to book the elevator a couple hours longer than our arrival time so we can get back downstairs with all our garbage and tools.

Step 2. Is there parking available at your residence? This is more important with condos/apartments; however it is nice when you do not have to park on the street; especially in the winter, as we have to go in and out of the van quite a lot with materials.

Step 3. Furniture, we need to be have access to your windows in order to install your products, if you have sofas, bookshelves, beds etc. in the way of the windows, it would be greatly appreciated to have them moved in advance before the installers arrive.

Helpful Tip: If you have ordered shutters with frames, 9 times out of 10 the frames need to be installed on the ground before they are placed in the window.  Therefore, we will require either space in front of each window, or a staging area where we can build the frame and then walk the completed frame into the window for installation.

Step 4. Flowers, trolls, stain glass ornaments. As much as we know they are harmless, they can get in the way of installation and would be safer if removed from the area during installation. We test all of our blinds to ensure they work properly; therefore little trinkets can be damaged or destroyed if they are in the way of the blind raising and lowering during testing.

Step 5. Old shades or temporary shades. If you have old or temporary shades currently installed, we would ask that you remove any old blinds, blankets and brackets before our installers arrive. This service is offered at an additional cost.

Our installers usually face a long day being ready to go at the crack of dawn loading up their trucks, getting all the paperwork ready for the and making trips to the hardware store for extra bits that may need to be replaced halfway through an installation procedure. They really do work hard to ensure that every job looks perfect and they pride themselves on being able to deliver a professional service.

These 5 little steps listed above are a big help in ensuring the installers get your blinds installed in a professional manner and in a timely fashion.

Thank you for taking the time to help our installers better serve you.

Sunshade Blinds & Drapery Management.